“Engaging with Keller” Book Review Project

It came to my attention over the weekend that Evangelical Press has published a book critiquing the theology of Tim Keller.  Engaging With Keller: Thinking Through the Theology of an Influential Evangelical, edited by Iain Campbell and William Schweitzer, has seven essays dealing with a different aspect of Keller’s theological beliefs and practices.

e keller

Below are the chapter titles with contributors:

  • Keller on ‘Rebranding’ the Doctrine of Sin (Iain D. Campbell)
  • ‘Brimstone-Free Hell’: a new way of saying the same old thing about judgment and hell? (William M. Schweitzer)
  • Losing the Dance: is the ‘divine dance’ a good explanation of the Trinity? (Kevin J. Bidwell)
  • The Church’s Mission: sent to ‘do justice’ in the world? (Peter J. Naylor)
  • Timothy Keller’s Hermeneutic: an example for the church to follow? (C. Richard H. Holst)
  • ‘Not Quite’ Theistic Evolution: does Keller bridge the gap between creation and evolution? (William M. Schweitzer)
  • Looking for Communion in All the Wrong Places: Keller and the doctrine of the church (D. G. Hart)

I’ve already purchased the book on Kindle and am trekking through it.  I will do a different blog post each day for each chapter.  My initial reaction is that I am glad for the charitable nature of the work and that the authors acknowledge Keller to be a brother who is orthodox in beliefs and is Reformed.

I also look forward to interacting with others who might agree or disagree with my review.  This is an important conversation.


5 thoughts on ““Engaging with Keller” Book Review Project

  1. Daniel,

    Would you mind creating a category specifically for these posts? It would be easier to send folks over here when they can browse the “Engaging with Keller” archive, rather than trying to find them.

    Thanks, brother.

  2. Thanks for the article, is there any way I can receive an email whenever you publish a new update? deeadacdadfe

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