What the Confessional and Missional Movements Should Learn From Each Other

For the next two weeks I will be blogging a series of posts of what I think the confessional and missional movements/mindsets should learn from the other.  As one who is planted in both worlds, I have a distinct advantage to see strengths and weaknesses of each and how they might balance the other.

If even the best traditions have blind spots and should be balanced by traditions that may be overall inferior, and if the Holy Spirit is at work in all church communions throughout the world, then it isn’t a leap to claim that Reformed confessionalists might have something to learn from missionalists (and vice-versa).


I haven’t determined every topic I will blog about, but here are some thoughts I’ve jotted down.

Missionalists should learn from confessionalists the importance of:
-systematic theology
-church polity and leadership
-Sabbath worship
-theological creativity within orthodoxy
-union with Christ and justification.

Confessionalists should learn from missionalists the importance of:
-critique of the contemporary church
-organic models of church
-mobilization of laypeople, specificity in discipleship.

These lists may and probably will change.  I would love to hear from readers how they would frame this conversation.


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