Top Ten Most Embarrassing-Yet-Hilarious Christian Videos

As I promised on Facebook, the top ten most embarrasing-yet-humorous Christian videos.  These videos are supposed to be taken seriously, but you just can’t.  🙂 10. “Pitched His…” The humor of this video is not merely in the gaffe of this youth pastor.  The dude himself makes it more embarrassing (and more importantly, more hilarious) […]

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Thoughts on the Driscoll-MacArthur Debate

I had a great time last week spending a few days in the North Carolina mountains with two of my best friends.  They went fly fishing, I got my hipster on and hung out at Bucks Coffee in Highlands, NC.  We watched a Russel Crowe movie and talked about discipleship.  So yeah, it was a […]

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Three or Two offices – Which is More Confessional?

As I continue to ponder and explore questions relating to confessional subscription, the issue of two versus three offices in the church stirs my thought. My denomination subscribes to the Westminster Standards, but that is only part of our subscription (which is true for most NAPARC denominations).  We also subscribe to the Form of Government, […]

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Gospel Neighboring: Podcast, Free E-Book, Blog

Check out what Andy Stager and I are up to. We will do two interviews every week on iTunes with those who are practitioners of gospel neighboring.  Names like Seth McBee, Justin McRoberts, Neal McGlohon, and Mike Breen should excite you.  🙂 We also have an e-book written co-authored by Andy and myself. Stephen Crotts did the […]

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