Top Ten Most Embarrassing-Yet-Hilarious Christian Videos

As I promised on Facebook, the top ten most embarrasing-yet-humorous Christian videos.  These videos are supposed to be taken seriously, but you just can’t.  🙂

10. “Pitched His…”

The humor of this video is not merely in the gaffe of this youth pastor.  The dude himself makes it more embarrassing (and more importantly, more hilarious) in how he reacts to his gaffe.  Plus, this shows the drawback of having the typical “Youth Pastor Slush Voice” that was all the rage in the 90s and early 2000s.  (Note:  I only know about such a voice because I tried to use it when I was in youth ministry.)

9.  “Gimme Dat Christian Sidehug”

It’s difficult to know how serious this hip hop group was in writing this song.  Was it a joke?  A party song?  What?  Like most of the videos on this list, we often wonder, “Who thought this was a good idea?”  While this won’t ever win a Dove Award or anything, it is catchy.

8. “Free Will Song”

Again, this falls under the category of, “Who thought this was a good idea?”  You’d think that in rehearsing this song that one of these students would think, “This is kind of lame.”  I don’t mind hymns or songs that are based on non-Reformed theology (i.e Wesley, Crosby).  But, singing a song exalting our free will?  I think even Wesley would want it to be more God-centered.  At least a Calvinist hymn on God’s sovereignty is done with taste (e.g. “What’er My God Ordains is Right”).

7. “God is Doing a New Thang

You gotta love a young person’s enthusiasm…until they wear zebra pants and sing like Vanilla Ice and NKOTB in a blender.I prefer Matt Chandler’s perspective that it was a miracle anyone got saved in the 1980s when we heard cruddy Christian music.

6. “My Name is John Daker”

The subtitles make this video all the more glorious.  It is also an endearing video for anyone whose church background resembles anything like this.  Here’s to you, John Daker!

5. “The Renewed Mind is the Key”

Again, the category of “Who thought this was a good idea?”  You think by the third or fourth choreography practice one of these three would wonder if this would be embarrassing for years to come.

4. “Hey Haters”

I remember when this video was released.  I was in my last semester of seminary and a bunch of students gathered around a laptop to watch this Stars Wars meets N.W.O. wrestling promo.
I have friends who attend or attended Elevation.  I actually have enjoyed Furtick’s preaching, and those close to him testify that he is legit in terms of his personal walk.  But…yeah…not his finest moment.

3. “Jesus is a Friend of Mine”

Dudley Do-Right is ashamed to be mentioned in this video.  I know the 70s and 80s should be forgiven for their sins in terms of Christian music, but this may be the unpardonable music sin.

2. “Pisseth Against the Wall”

I’ve always wondered how many people actually attend Steven Anderson’s church.  I’ve also wondered why he thinks posting these videos aren’t embarrassing at all, especially videos about him getting tazered by a law enforcement official.  In any case, the funnier part of this video is just his manner of communicating his awkward sermon on ‘he that pisseth against the wall.’

1. “Mighty to Save” Dance

With apologies to Laura Story and Hillsong, this song is forever ruined for anyone who watches this video.  I used to love this song in worship, but now I can’t sing it without a chuckle.  Plus, the fact that the video is posted by the performer himself adds much humor to the video.

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