ReforMadness // Elite Eight

Oh boy.  This Elite Eight will be tight.  Gaffin v Kuiper, Van Til v Frame, Clowney v Ferguson, and perhaps the most difficult match up, Murray v Clowney! Voting ends Monday night March 31, at midnight. Calvin Region 1.  Richard Gaffin 2.  R.B. Kuiper Kuyper Region 1.  Cornelius Van Til 3.  John Frame Owen Region 1.  John […]

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ReforMadness // Second Round

The results are in from the first round.  There were few surprises. The lowest seeds gaining an upset for K. Scott Oliphint and David Powlison (both 12 seeds).  An 11 seed (Tim Lane) also won.  The 8-9 matchups split with Greg Beale and Carl Trueman both beating their 8 seeded opponents. Some ironic head to […]

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Can “Prodigal God” and “Prodigal Christianity” Co-Exist?

I am the co-host of the Gospel Neighboring Podcast where my comrade Andy Stager and I interview church planters, missional practitioners, academics, and grocery workers on what it means to obey Jesus’ command to love our neighbors. Andy and I are both in a confessional Presbyterian and Reformed denomination called the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, so […]

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