ReforMadness – Top 64 Westminster Seminary Professors

I’m happy to bring to you the second annual ReforMadness tournament!  Last year you all crowned John Calvin as the greatest Reformed theologian ever.

This year, the tournament will crown the greatest professor to ever teach at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA.  We have 64 profs in the field, four regions, and a lot of debating ahead of us.

As with any seeding, there will be controversy.  I made the attempt to seed individuals based on their longevity at Westminster, their impact on the institution, their impact on Reformed theology and pastoral ministry in general, their historical importance to the institution, and other factors.  I also wanted to create some intriguing first round matchups (8 vs 9 in Calvin region!).

To vote, go to the poll for each region, and pick just ONE winner per matchup.  So, for Gaffin vs Garcia, just pick one, not both of them.

Voting ends midnight, Thursday March 20.

Calvin Region

1. Richard Gaffin
16. Mark Garcia

2. R.B. Kuiper
15. Jeffrey Jue

3.  Moises Silva
14.  Dan McCartney

4.  E.J. Young
13.  Lane Tipton

5.  John Skilton
12. K. Scott Oliphant

6.  Pete Lilback
11.  George Fuller

7. William Edgar
10. Roger Greenway

8. Elizabeth Groves
9. Sue Baker

Kuyper Region

1.  Cornelius Van Til
16. David Garner

2.  Meredith Kline
15.  Timothy Witmer

3.  John Frame
14.  John Bettler

4.  Ned Stonehouse
13.  Robert Knudson

5.  Raymond Dillard
12.  Robert Strimple

6.  C. John Miller
11. D. Clair Davis

7.  Ed Welch
10.  William Barker II

8.  Tim Keller
9.  Allan A. MacRae

Owen Region

1.  John Murray
16.  Alexander Finlayson

2.  Jay Adams
15.  Robert Godfrey

3.  Sinclair Ferguson
14.  J. Stafford Carson

4.  Bruce Waltke
13. Robert Dick Wilson

5.  Harvie Conn
12.  David Powlison

6.  J. Alan Groves
11.  Timothy Lane

7.  Norm Shepherd
10. Pete Enns

8.  Paul Woolley
9.  Greg Beale

Warfield Region

1.  Ed Clowney
16.  Brandon Crowe

2.  J. Gresham Machen
15.  Michael Kelly

3.  Oswald T. Allis
14.  Doug Green

4.  Vern Poythress
13.  Christopher Fantuzzo

5.  O. Palmer Robertson
12.  Carl Ellis

6.  Paul David Tripp
11.  Manuel Ortiz

7.  Samuel Logan
10.  D.G. Hart

8.  Tremper Longman III
9.  Carl Trueman


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