ReforMadness // Second Round

The results are in from the first round.  There were few surprises.

The lowest seeds gaining an upset for K. Scott Oliphint and David Powlison (both 12 seeds).  An 11 seed (Tim Lane) also won.  The 8-9 matchups split with Greg Beale and Carl Trueman both beating their 8 seeded opponents.

Some ironic head to heads pervade this second round.  Van Til and Keller is interesting given Keller’s modern-day appropriation for Van Til’s best insights in his book The Reason for God.  Frame versus Miller is interesting given how Frame took Miller’s New Life model to Escondido which partially affected Frame’s relationship with folks at Westminster Cali.  Jay Adams meets the CCEF next generation in Timothy Lane.  Most folks won’t be thrilled to advance either Waltke or Shepherd given that both of them have had controversy in conservative Reformed circles.  Trueman is somewhat of an heir to Machen in being a “warrior child” for confessionalism and other issues.

Voting ends Sunday, March 24, at midnight.  Only vote once, and vote for one person per matchup.

Calvin Region

1. Richard Gaffin
12.  K. Scott Oliphint

2.  R.B. Kuiper
8.  Elizabeth Groves

3.  Moises Silva
7.  William Edgar

4.  E.J. Young
6.  Pete Lilback

Kuyper Region

1.  Cornelius Van Til
8.  Tim Keller

2.  Meredith Kline
7.  Ed Welch

3.  John Frame
6.  C. John Miller

4.  Ned Stonehouse
5.  Raymond Dillard

Owen Region

1.  John Murray
12.  David Powlison

2.  Jay Adams
11.  Timothy Lane

3.  Sinclair Ferguson
9.  Greg Beale

4.  Bruce Waltke
7.  Norm Shepherd

Warfield Region

1.  Ed Clowney
10.  D.G. Hart

2.  J. Gresham Machen
9.  Carl Trueman

3.  Oswald T. Allis
6.  Paul David Tripp

4.  Vern Poythress
5.  O. Palmer Robertson


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