ReforMadness // Sweet Sixteen

Well, we are down to the Sweet Sixteen.  Unlike the NCAA tourney, not many upsets in our round of 32.  In fact, there was only one upset (5. O Palmer Robertson over 4. Vern Poythress).  I was sad to see Vern go, but I guess it was all foreordained to be this way.

There are some very intriguing matchups in the Sweet 16.  Stonehouse-Van Til and Machen-Allis give us men that all took part in the founding of Westminster Seminary.  Kline-Frame is an interesting matchup s both men taught in both Philadelphia and the Esondido campus.  While Frame always admired Kline’s brilliance, they would feud in later years in Escondido.  Frame’s recent critique of Westminster California is due to what he perceives as certain professors being overly devoted to Kline’s paradigm.

Jay Adams and Sinclair Ferguson are both retired Teaching Elders in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.  Clowney and Robertson overlapped quite significantly at WTS.

Voting ends Friday, March 28th at midnight.  Vote only once.

Calvin Region

1.  Richard Gaffin
4.  E.J. Young

2. R.B. Kuiper
3.  Moises Silva

Kuyper Region

1.  Cornelius Van Til
4.  Ned Stonehouse

2.  Meredith Kline
3.  John Frame

Owen Region

1.  John Murray
4.  Bruce Waltke

2.  Jay Adams
3.  Sinclair Ferguson

Warfield Region

1.  Ed Clowney
5.  O. Palmer Robertson

2. J. Gresham Machen
3. Oswald T. Allis


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