ReforMadness // Final Four!

We are here with the ReforMadness Final Four!  Three 1 seeds and a 2 seed that probably should have been a one seed are battling it out to be known as the greatest Westminster Seminary professor ever.

Gaffin and Van Til have both greatly shaped Westminster’s distinctive take on Reformed theology, with Van Til focusing on apologetics and epistemology and Gaffin focusing on soteriology.  Both have put in over 40 years at Westminster and may be two of the most beloved and influential professors of all time.  Interestingly, both men parted ways with Reformed thinkers on a number of issues and have received critique from within the Reformed tradition.

John Murray, similar to Gaffin and Van Til, parted ways with some strains of Reformed thinking, especially on covenant theology, but his masterful defense of imputation still influences pastors and theologians today.  Murray also was known for making systematic theology more biblical/exegetical to a new generation of students.

Machen is the founding father of Westminster Seminary and is known more for his starting Westminster and his ecclesiastical battles than his actual scholarship.  Yet, his ecclesiastical practice and stances influenced many and led to the start of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Voting ends Friday night at midnight.

1. Richard Gaffin
1. Cornelius Van Til

1.  John Murray
2.  J. Gresham Machen


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