With Wrestlemania around the corning, I thought the evangelical and Reformed world needed to have it’s own battle in the squared circle.  Welcome to ReforMania!

Main Event
Tim Keller vs. D.G. Hart

3 Way Dance
Rachel Miller vs Kath Keller vs Rachel Held Evans

 Loser Must Read the Other’s Blog For a Month
Kevin DeYoung vs Tullian Tchividjian

Loser Must Leave Blogosphere 
William B. Evans vs Scott Clark

Tag Team Hell in Cell Match
Warren Cole Smith and Carl Trueman vs Mark Driscoll and Steven Furtick

If Donald Miller Loses, He Must Become Mark Dever’s Pastoral Intern
Donald Miller & his Spiritual Community vs Denny Burk and Jonathan Leeman


David Fitch vs James K.A. Smith

Loser Must Do Liturgical Dance
John Frame vs Michael Horton 

Paul Helm vs Kevin Vanhoozer

Richard Gaffin is Special Guest Referee
NT Wright vs John Piper


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