Adding New Year’s Resolutions to the Church Calendar

My wife and I had a typical guy-gal conversation while driving back home after visiting family during Christmas.

“Let’s talk about life goals!”


“What is your New Year’s resolution?”



“I don’t waste time with that secular moralistic, rugged individualism. Thinking that my approval or disapproval is dependent on me keeping a self-made law isn’t gospel-centered.”

I basically gave the Young, Restless, Reformed answer. No resolutions, only gospel. (Consciously forgetting about Jonathan Edwards.)

However, I started to think about the Church Calendar and how New Year’s and our practice of resolution-making might need to be added to our liturgical rhythm.

For 2015, I am viewing my resolution as a vision and concrete step toward discipleship and maturity in Christ. My resolution doesn’t justify or condemn me, but it is a conscious meditation in an area where I feel convicted to imitate the character and/or competency of Jesus.

In other words, for my New Year’s resolution, I am asking in a big picture way three key discipleship questions that we teach our folks at Hill City Church.

1) What is God saying to me?
2) What am I going to do about it?
3) Who is going to help me?

Even if you aren’t into our culture’s definition and narrative over self-fulfillment, self-improvement, and self-everything when it comes to resolutions, maybe you should consider if God has a big-picture challenge for you this year in becoming more like Jesus.

Tomorrow I will share my answer to these three questions and articulate for 2015 resolution as a disciple of Jesus.


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