2015 Disciple’s Resolution: Embrace the Ordinary

Last week I gave a quasi-defense for including New Year’s resolution-making as an intentional act of discipleship. Today I am sharing my mission for 2015 as to what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

This year, I am intentionally committing my walk with Christ to the ordinary.

Now, some of you may think it is contrary to resolutions to be committed to the ordinary. It was the ordinary that led to a cruddy previous year!

My family had an exciting yet exhausting 2014. Family, finances, ministry, health, etc. all took their toll on my household. We have aspirations and desires (many of them laudable and virtuous), but we ran out of steam trying to accomplish them.


Taking a cue from books I read by Michael Horton and Tim Chester, it seems that the Christian life is not some over-the-top, complex, nuanced, hidden-code sort of religion. Rather, the gospel is simple, though hard to live out. It isn’t simplistic, for it has infinite applications, but it is simple and livable by the most weak, foolish, and ordinary of Jesus followers.

I am mapping out three rhythms to sync in my life as a Jesus follower. In order to balance the Upward, Inward, and Outward dimensions of the Christian faith, I am renaming these venues the Ordinary Means o Grace, Life Together, and Mission. I hope to blog through each rhythm in the coming days and weeks.

Ordinary Means of Grace

1. Receiving God’s Word
2. Receiving God’s Sacraments
3. Receiving God’s Prayers and Promises

Ordinary Means of Life Together

1. Parse Together
2. Pray Together
3. Party Together

Ordinary Means of Mission

1. Invite Others
2. Include Others
3. Initiate with Others


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