2015 Disciple’s Resolution: Embrace the Ordinary

Last week I gave a quasi-defense for including New Year’s resolution-making as an intentional act of discipleship. Today I am sharing my mission for 2015 as to what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. This year, I am intentionally committing my walk with Christ to the ordinary. Now, some of you may think […]

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Adding New Year’s Resolutions to the Church Calendar

My wife and I had a typical guy-gal conversation while driving back home after visiting family during Christmas. “Let’s talk about life goals!” “Huh?” “What is your New Year’s resolution?” “None.” “Why?” “I don’t waste time with that secular moralistic, rugged individualism. Thinking that my approval or disapproval is dependent on me keeping a self-made […]

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Why I’m a Christian at Christmas: The Truth of Jesus

Many people think that the truth of Jesus is the most important question to pursue.  If Jesus was fully God and fully man, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on a cross, raised from the dead, sits at the right hand of the Father, and will come again, then one should be […]

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Alan Hirsch: Proponent of Church Membership?

There is the common assumption that the missional church advocates with the emphasis on organic life, lack of structure, and strong critique of all things Christendom are also willing to throw church membership into the dumpster fire of the disintegrating American evangelical church. Yet, a footnote in Gregg Allison’s Sojourners and Strangers: The Doctrine of the […]

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Making Use of the Sanctification Debate in a Reformed Presbyterian Church Plant

The debate over sanctification in the Reformed community has reached a complex status. For a few years, the debate seemed rather simple. There were the “Grace Boys” that wished to maintain a Reformed identity but appeared soft on preaching the imperatives (i.e. third use of the law). Pastors like Tullian Tchividjian, Steve Brown, and others […]

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Strange Bedfellows: How Tullian and N.T. Wright Are Similar on the Gospel

The social media world is still buzzing with the news that Tullian Tchividjian was asked to leave (prematurely) The Gospel Coalition blogosphere. Then today, the Christian Post had some rather uncharacteristic quotes from Tullian about the matter. Tullian also had some interesting comments about the recent Sovereign Grace Ministries scandal. I’ve blogged before about Tullian and the […]

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Recognizing and Avoiding False Dichotomies: The Key to Missio-Confessio Ecclesial Unity

As most of my readers are aware, I am a Reformed Presbyterian. This doesn’t necessarily give sufficient information about my views and philosophy of ministry as there are different strands of confessional identity in the Reformed world. Indeed, I might have the same confessional strand as another Presbyterian, but our philosophies of ministry might greatly […]

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